Which game will get the biggest upgrade in the next update?

The next major update for EVE Online will see the game’s flagship class, the Corvette, get a major update that will see it get a bunch of new weapons and features.

We already knew that the upcoming update would add a new Corvette gun, a new ship and a new class of ships, but we were also given a glimpse of what the Corvette will look like with its new hull.

The news was released via the EVE Online website today, so it’s not too hard to guess what’s coming.

The update will introduce new Corvette hull variants, new hull classes and new Corvette abilities.

In addition to the new Corvette, the update also introduces a new vehicle called the Battlecruiser, which is essentially a Corvette with a new turret and hull armor.

The Battlecruisers are now available as an in-game purchase.

There’s also a new fleet-based player-owned ship called the Vigilant, which can be found in the fleet of a player in a PvP area, as well as a new player-controlled ship called a Scout.

Both ships are currently available for purchase, but the Scout will be added in the coming weeks.

While this new update is the big one, the game is also getting the biggest update to date, with the release of the next major expansion, The Fall of the Federation.

The Fall is the third expansion to EVE Online after The Fall and The Fall: Rise of the Corsairs, and will introduce the next class of warships called the Vanguard.

The Vanguard will be the biggest of the three, but it will also get a lot of new ships and abilities.

The first of those ships will be a Vanguard-class frigate called the Dreadnought.

The new ships are now the biggest in EVE Online, but there are other new ships that will be coming in the fall.

The Vigilant is a ship that players can own that can only be owned by a player who has completed the new Vanguard expansion.

This new ship can only spawn once per week, so the player needs to be in a fleet that is a member of a faction to own it.

Additionally, this ship can now only be used in PvP areas.

It’s not a ship we’d be interested in owning, but I think that could be a fun addition for players who want to get into EVE Online.

There’s also the Vanguard class that can be used to control ships in the Vanguard fleet, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Finally, there’s a new character, the Vex Mercenary, which will be available to players who have the “Vex” character ability.

This ability allows players to purchase and use equipment in the VEx faction, and it allows them to customize their character.

You can also change your appearance in-world and change your color and skin tones in-between character changes.

The Vex class also has a new PvP-themed ability called the “Echo Strike” ability.

This character also appears in the game, but in a different fashion.

Instead of being a standard ship, the Echo Strike ability is an “Evo” ship, which gives players a small buff to their damage output.

This buff can stack up to three times and lasts for up to 30 seconds.

The ability also increases the damage of Echo Strikes, allowing you to do some really nasty damage to your targets in PvP.

The Vanguard is the biggest change in the latest update, but some of the other changes are just as big.

There are three new classes in the Fall of Federation, the Vanguard, the Tengu and the Crucible.

These classes are all new to EVE: They all have the ability to equip a new hull type called the Tengus.

The Tengu, for example, is an elite ship that is able to equip two new hull types: The Tengu and the Taru.

These new hulls can be upgraded by taking a Tengu Tech Lab.

These hulls are only available to ships that have at least a level 5 Tech Lab and are upgraded at the cost of one of each new hull tier.

The Crucible, meanwhile, is the only class in the update that doesn’t have a Tengi hull.

This all sounds like it’ll be a huge update, and we’ll be covering it over the coming months.

Stay tuned!