When the new “American Idol” airs, ‘The Apprentice’ will be on hiatus

Today’s news roundupThe show’s host, Donald Trump, is still not in the running to host the next season of the reality show, according to a new report.

The “Apprentice” host will not be on the show as of April 2018.

A representative for “The Apprentice” declined to comment.

“I’m sure that he’s not looking at that right now,” a source close to the show told ABC News.

“He’s thinking about what he needs to do for his family.”

“It’s very important to the family,” the source added.

“It’s the only show that they’re actually on.”ABC News broke the news of the news Wednesday afternoon.

Trump, who was the first to officially declare he would not run for president in 2016, is not expected to announce his intentions until June 2018.

He’s also yet to announce which of his companies he will sell off in the coming months.

In September, Trump said he would “love” to sell off his stake in the company he founded in 1973.

The company, called Trump Entertainment Resorts, has operated in the U.S. since its inception in 1972.

The Trump Organization, which is based in New York, is the world’s largest private company, valued at more than $100 billion.

A source familiar with Trump’s thinking told ABC news that Trump is still “working on that.”

The company’s assets have a value of about $7 billion, according a source familiar, and it is unclear how many of them are in Trump’s name.

Trump is also reportedly considering the sale of the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac, Maryland, and other properties in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

The sources said Trump would like to sell “a large portion” of his business empire.

A number of other potential buyers, including hedge fund manager Paul Singer and a private equity firm, have expressed interest in the business.ABC News’ Jennifer De Pinto contributed to this report.