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Grey Entertainment Centers, Fox and Fox News Entertainment News, a gray entertainment center in Detroit, Michigan.

source Crypto Coin News title Detroit’s Grey Entertainment center, Fox Entertainment News and Small Entertainment center news article Detroit’s largest entertainment center is owned by Grey Entertainment, a small entertainment center.

The Grey Entertainment complex sits on a former industrial site on the city’s south side, just across the Michigan River from downtown Detroit.

The complex was originally intended as a temporary venue for live concerts.

Its current owners, a venture capital firm called FirstEnergy Capital, announced the complex would close in 2018.

It was the second major entertainment center to close, after the former Detroit Zoo and Botanical Gardens closed in the late 1990s.

Grey is not a new name to Detroit.

In 2016, the Detroit News reported the Detroit Public School Board planned to sell off the former Grey Detroit Zoo building and build a new school at the site.

The school would have been called Detroit School for the Arts.

But the project stalled when the city decided to take over the property.

Now, the Grey complex is being marketed as a small-scale entertainment center that will likely sell out before it closes in the next several years.

Here’s a look at some of the entertainment offerings the complex will offer.

Grey entertainment center’s attractions