Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first-ever home entertainment center in New York City: a full 360-degree VR experience

The world’s biggest technology company is bringing its first home entertainment experience to New York, an immersive 360-viewing experience for families that will be available in theaters in the city’s entertainment district starting this summer.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will open the company’s first 360-360 entertainment center at the new Universal Studios New York and will open its second one in 2019 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The company said it has already invested $2 billion in New Jersey and California to create this new experience.

The company said its first 360 experience will have a total immersive 360 degree viewing experience and will be delivered via a 360 camera system.

Sony said it will also include an interactive VR experience in theaters, in theaters that are part of a larger entertainment complex, and through a connected TV service.

Sony is expected to announce a second 360-video experience in 2021.

The Sony VR experience is part of an expansion of Sony’s PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR HMDs.

It’s also part of Sony Interactive’s “Project Morpheus” effort.SIE said it hopes to sell a “significant number” of the 360-videos in theaters.

The first of these was shown at the CES trade show in Las Vegas in January.

It will be possible to create a 360-vid from any part of the home, including TV, mobile devices, and the Web, according to Sony.

In addition, the 360 experience includes a menu of activities, including reading books, playing games, or taking photographs.

Sony said the 360 video will be connected to Sony’s SmartThings home security system.

The 360 video experience will include a built-in audio track that allows users to hear what’s going on in the virtual environment, which includes sound effects and live content.SIGGRAPH 2017 is coming up next month, and it’s not too soon to start thinking about where the next-generation immersive VR experiences might take place.

We know that Sony is preparing for a wide array of experiences.

We also know that it has invested heavily in developing its PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR headset, and PlayStation Home HMD.

The PlayStation VR is the first VR headset to be announced and is set to be the biggest VR hardware debut in history.

With its large screen and immersive virtual reality, the headset is poised to be a major gaming headset in the coming years.