What to Know About Microsoft’s “Spyglass” Entertainment and News Platforms

Microsoft announced on Monday that it has launched a new Windows 10 TV streaming platform called “Spamglass” and plans to roll out “Spooky Stories,” “Spammy Games” and “Spicy Content” as part of a wider suite of “Spookier” TV apps.

The company has long been interested in “spookier TV apps,” which it hopes will help the company reach “new audiences” that are willing to pay for the premium content.

But the platform will not feature “Spike TV” or “TBS.”

The company is expected to launch a new “Spoke” and an “Xbox TV” in the next few months.

“Spink TV” will be available in the U.S. and Canada, but will not have any subscription or ad-supported features.

Spoke is an app that lets users connect with their friends, family and even their local police to share news and entertainment.

“We are thrilled to bring Spink TV to Windows 10 and bring the power of Windows to the community,” said Microsoft executive Matt Hall.

Spokes has the potential to become a significant new revenue stream for Microsoft, and the company has already invested heavily in “Spokes” and other apps.

“I can’t think of a better place to invest that money than with ‘Spoke,’ and I can’t imagine a better partner than Microsoft,” said Adam Bell, a partner at FBR Capital, which is helping Microsoft make Spoke “a reality.”

The Microsoft “Spinks” app will be the first in the suite of apps that will be part of the company’s “Spectrum” TV platform.

Spectrum is Microsoft’s attempt to provide the most popular content to the widest range of devices and viewers.

“Spectrums” is designed to offer a unified platform for Microsoft’s TV app store and services, while also giving consumers the ability to watch live TV.

Microsoft is not selling “Spikes,” “Tbs” or any other of the apps that were launched with Spectrum, but it is selling “Spectres,” which will be free with the Spectrum app.

Microsoft is offering Spectres in the same way that it launched its Xbox video games app, which it has been offering for years.

Xbox Live subscribers will be able to buy the games for $9.99 per month, while the Xbox app will also be $10.99 for a limited time.