Movistar’s ‘Movistar Star’ to be a premium channel – Movistar

A premium channel owned by Movistar is set to launch in Spain on Thursday, with the broadcaster announcing it will be the first Spanish-language channel in the premium category.

The channel, dubbed Movistar Star, will offer premium channels including Spanish language channels El Rey, Movistar Español, Espanol, Canal Plus, El Movimiento, and Movistar Telefonica, as well as Spanish-speaking channels Mundo Deportivo, Mundo España, Mundó, and El Mundo.

The channels will be available in Spanish-only, the Spanish-owned broadcaster said. 

The channel will be a part of the Movistar network, which includes the Spanish national sports channel, MoviStar, and Spanish language and Spanish-focused channel El Munde, which will also launch on Thursday. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Movistar to launch the new channel,” said Movistar Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive of Spanish content MoviMovi.

“Moviestar is an exciting new venture for Movistar, a leading Spanish content company and the only Spanish language channel in Spain.” 

The channels will also feature Spanish-accented programming, including sports and news. 

Movisa said the channel will feature more than 100 million subscribers and has a market value of more than $5 billion. 

Spanish-language channels have long been a popular option for Spanish-market audiences. 

A similar channel was launched by Spanish content conglomerate Univision, which offers Spanish- and Spanish news and sports channels. 

But the move to the Spanish language has not been without controversy. 

In February, Movisa and Spanish broadcaster Telemundo were slapped with a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement, and the company has also faced a lawsuit from a French TV channel. 

This comes after Univision and Telemeno, as part of their plan to expand their reach, pulled their Spanish-themed channels from the premium tier of their channels’ lineup.