Which is the best deal for costco entertainment?

FOX NEWS — Which is best deal to get in to the costco movie theater?

—  The theater’s big box office could be a big attraction for a new wave of millennials who are eager to watch the movies on their iPads, but the bigger draw could be the free Wi-Fi.

It’s a big opportunity for costcos.

Costcos are hoping the $5 price tag will lure in younger people who can’t afford the $9-$14 prices in many theaters.

At least three theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles are already offering the Wi-fi, with some offering free Wi.

And it’s likely to attract some millennials, many of whom have smartphones and don’t have the time to go into the theaters to watch a movie.

The average age of a moviegoer is 37.

“We see millennials, as well as other young people, who would prefer to see a movie on their phones, but also, like a lot of people, prefer to sit in a theater,” said Joe McBride, senior vice president of consumer marketing at the Entertainment Software Association, which represents theater owners.

McBride said that for younger people, the Wi.

Fi could be an important selling point, even if it isn’t the primary attraction.

If costcos are able to offer the free access, the potential for a massive increase in moviegoers could be huge, he said.

This is the second time in the last year that a costco has gotten a boost in attendance.

Last month, the company announced it was expanding its Wi-FI system at its theaters, to more than 300 locations.

We’re not going to be able to do it everywhere, said Michael Fuchs, president of the San Diego Comic-Con.

That could lead to a bigger drop-off in people, and we can’t predict that.

For now, the new Wi-Vi is available at the AMC Mission Bay theater in San Diego, which opened in June.

Costcos have struggled in recent years to get audiences in.

They have struggled to convince millennials to come to their locations.

The costco chain has also struggled with declining box office revenues, with a decrease in the number of theaters opening this year from 10,000 in 2013 to 7,800 last year.