How to get your $5,000 prize from Disney, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and other major cable and broadcast networks

Posted November 07, 2018 10:05:28A video game console and an iPhone are among the prizes that Disney is offering in its “Game of the Year” contest.

Disney is asking fans to send in a video game that’s been rated “M” by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to win a prize of up to $5 and a trip to Disney World Resort, Walt Disney World in Florida, and Disneyland.

The ESRB’s “M Games” section lists games that have been approved by the agency and are eligible for a review by the company’s team of reviewers.

The ESRb has yet to announce whether or not any games will be included in the contest.

The company has not yet released a list of games it has selected for the contest, but it has said it is looking into the possibility of making a selection for the 2017 version of “Grand Theft Auto V” to receive the “M Game” designation.

If the video game you send in does not meet the criteria for the “Eureka” contest, Disney is allowing fans to vote on whether to accept the prize.

Fans can submit their favorite video game or games that they believe would be a worthy contender for the prize, which Disney has announced is a video-game prize of $2,500.

The contest runs from November 9 through December 2.

Fans who submit video games will receive one of three options: a $5 Amazon gift card to be used at participating retailers or a $20 Amazon gift certificate for a new Xbox One console.

The $20 certificate will be redeemable for one new Xbox, the $5 Microsoft gift card, a new PS4, or a new Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo gift card will be used to purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL console.

To be eligible for the Eureka contest, a video games must have been released within the last year.

The “Euromarket” is an annual review conducted by the ESRBs’ Consumer Advisory Committee, which is comprised of independent video game and media market analysts and market experts.

ESRBS says that the company has received more than 9,000 video game nominations since the beginning of 2017, which was “the highest number of video game titles nominated in a single year since the E.T. and Mickey Mouse Club video game category was established in 1999.”

Euromonitor, a market research firm that tracks the video games industry, reported that video game sales in the U.S. in 2017 reached $5.2 billion.