Disney and Disney XD announce $10 million deal to launch Disney XD subscription streaming platform

Disney has announced a deal with the video-streaming service, with the latter company launching a subscription streaming service for its popular shows and movies.

Disney XD will launch a subscription service in 2019 with Disney’s streaming service of choice, Disney XD.

Disney XD will be a part of Disney’s Disney Cloud, a subscription offering that allows users to subscribe to content from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney Kids and Disney Junior Club, among others.

The Disney Cloud will offer Disney channels like Mickey Mouse Club, Cinderella and the Little Mermaid, plus movies and TV shows like Disney XD, Mickey Mouse Adventures, Frozen and Aladdin.

Disney Cloud subscribers will also be able to watch Disney XD content and Disney-owned content on the Disney Cloud app.

Disney said the new Disney XD service will be available to existing subscribers.

Disney said it will allow Disney XD to “provide a more convenient and seamless home for content, with a wider variety of Disney content including original content, behind-the-scenes content and behind-closed-doors content.”

The company also said the service will offer more flexibility with the way subscribers can add Disney content.

“Disney XD is bringing Disney’s most beloved shows and films to the world in an entirely new way,” said Phil Johnston, vice president of entertainment programming at Disney Channel.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Disney on a platform that will allow our audiences to watch all of Disney Channel’s original content while also being able to enjoy Disney content from the DisneyCloud app.

We know our fans will love the new platform, and we look forward to seeing how it will complement our existing Disney channels.”

The new Disney Channel will have a dedicated section for Disney content, along with a dedicated channel for Disney XD and Disney Home Entertainment.

The Disney Channel is currently available to subscribers only in the United States and Canada.

Disney Home is available to users in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in the rest of the world.

Disney announced in April it was bringing Disney Channel back to the United Kingdom, and Disney added a new Disney channel to the Disney Channel app, dubbed Disney XD in April 2018.

The company added a subscription to the new service, Disney Cloud for the first time on April 6.

The new service is currently set to launch in 2019.

The new service will feature a variety of content from both Disney and Pixar films and movies that are part of the Disney Pixar collection.

Disney will also include content from Marvel Studios and Disney Pixar’s animated series “Pixar Land.”

Disney XD was launched in 2019 by Disney and Cartoon Network, and it will be the most popular Disney Channel video-on-demand service with more than 6.4 million subscribers.