How to keep up with the trending trends in Australian music and entertainment industry

The rise of social media and other new forms of online distribution is creating a digital landscape ripe for the taking.

But how do you get there?

A number of artists are making a career out of their new-found opportunities.

Below are some of the trends that are changing the music industry.

Trend 1: The ‘new wave’ of new wave The wave of new music is all about the dancefloor, and the more you dance, the more interesting it gets.

The wave has been defined by artists who are taking their audience to new and unexpected places, but the genre’s core formula remains the same: dance, dance, dancing.

Trend 2: The new wave of remixing Trending in music is an ever-changing game of musical guessing, and remixing is one of the new wave’s big themes.

With the rise of the social media era, remixing has become a big part of the industry.

And artists have adapted their art to make it work on new platforms.

Some are experimenting with new techniques, like the work of ‘disco remix’ producer Kaskade, who has been known to make a song with no lyrics.

There’s also a new wave trend that’s been bubbling up in recent years, which is called remixing.

As a young artist, Kaskidee would often spend hours on his computer at night, listening to new music and trying to figure out what would make it more entertaining.

But then he’d listen back to the music again and decide that there were better tracks.

“The remixing aspect has grown quite a bit over the last year, it’s not just new artists who’re getting involved, but there are more established producers that are also remixing and getting more recognition,” Kaskaree said.

The rise of remixes and remixes-inspired music is another trend that has been popularising the new generation of artists.

Trend 3: The rising trend of live performances and showsThe world has changed since we last listened to a live performance, but a lot of things are still the same.

Live performances are still a thing, but live shows are the most interesting.

One of the biggest trends is the rise in live performances.

A new generation is getting involved in live shows, but it’s a trend that may change as artists gain new respectability.

Trend 4: The rise in alternative music Trending around the world is about more than just pop.

There are many alternative acts that aren’t as popular in mainstream music, but they’re still growing in popularity.

Alternative music is a genre where a lot has changed in recent times.

In recent years the popularity of indie artists has exploded, as well as the amount of bands being released, so it’s exciting to see how they’re changing.

Trend 5: The growing trend of social entertainmentThe growth of social networking and social gaming are also driving the evolution of online music and social entertainment.

With these two trends, it is becoming harder to make money on music.

But as an artist, it can be tempting to get too comfortable in the digital world.

The rise and popularity of new genres are creating a new world where the world of music has a new face and an even more interesting sound.

With the rise and rise of alternative music and remixers, it might seem like it would be impossible to make more money in the industry, but with these artists, it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea.

Trend 6: The growth of live performance Trending all around the globe, the live performance scene is exploding with new artists and bands who have been gaining traction with fans.

And with more and more people wanting to listen to new material and be part of it, the industry is on the rise.

It’s also not uncommon for an artist to get paid in their own right.

This is what the future looks like, for live performances, and with the rise more artists are taking a chance on live shows.

Trend 7: The increasing popularity of alternative artists Trending online and in real life, alternative artists are popping up in the music and music video industries.

Some of the artists that are gaining popularity are creating original music that is being performed live.

But these artists aren’t necessarily the biggest names in the world.

They’re also not the biggest acts in the game, either.

Trend 8: The explosion of live eventsThe explosion of new artists in live events is something that is very exciting for the industry and for artists.

More and more artists have taken the risk to create music in a live setting, creating something completely new.

Trend 9: The resurgence of traditional music The revival of traditional artists and their work is an exciting trend.

In recent years artists have been turning to their roots for inspiration and inspiration is a huge thing in the entertainment industry, especially with a new generation coming into the scene.

Artist Chris Wilson is one such artist, who is