Trump’s $200 million deal with Hollywood to bring the ‘Sharknado’ movies to the US could be worth $200M to the entertainment industry

The latest installment of “SharkNado” hits theaters in the United States and Canada.

The movie is being produced by DreamWorks Animation and Warner Bros., and the movie will hit theaters in June 2020.

The deal was announced Monday, and the film is expected to gross $200m to $250m.

It is the first Hollywood release since the “Sharks” movie was banned from theatres in 2006.

In the first movie, a shark attacks a child and a mother and father and a couple of kids try to escape the shark with their lives.

It was an all-time high-grossing film.

In a news release, DreamWorks CEO Tom Rothman said the company is “committed to bringing the ‘sharknade’ movies back to the big screen.”

He said the movie is “an exciting new adventure” for audiences and that it “has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of audiences and the families who love them.”

The new version of the movie “sharks” will be more intense and the sharks will “fight” in the sequel, according to a press release from Warner Bros.

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