Westgate Entertainment District’s new $15,000,000 entertainment mart to open in 2017

Westgate’s new entertainment mart is going to open this fall, with the company announcing that the location is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

The entertainment center, which will be the first to open on Westgate property in West Hollywood since the entertainment center was built in the early 2000s, is expected to be open for guests in March of 2017.

Westgate is also working with local restaurants, retailers and other partners to provide a full range of entertainment, including live entertainment, comedy, theater and theatre groups, and more.

“We’re excited to bring Westgate back to life in 2017, and we’re excited for our guests to experience it,” Westgate co-founder and CEO Michael Epp told the Los Angeles Times.

“The Westgate entertainment center is a unique venue that will delight fans of our iconic brands and the communities that love Westgate.”

The new Westgate location is located at 9075 West Hollywood Blvd.

in the West Hollywood area.

According to the LA Times, the entertainment district will offer premium dining, live entertainment and entertainment events at the Westgate facility, which is set to open its doors in 2019.

Epp is also partnering with the Westwood Cinemas to bring the entertainment to the theater.

Westgate Entertainment, which opened its doors at the Hollywood Bowl in 1997, also opened its first movie theater in 2014.

More information about Westgate is available at www.westgate.com.

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