When Google and Amazon are the ones who will make your entertainment center click…

The Google-Amazon deal is going to happen and it will happen with a bang.

Google’s YouTube, Amazon’s Video, Hulu, and other streaming services will be able to use Google’s cloud to power their services.

Amazon, of course, already uses Google’s servers to power its own products, including its own online video service.

Google will have access to the cloud computing infrastructure in order to give its cloud services a competitive edge over Amazon.

This is all a part of Google’s plan to make its cloud computing platform a viable alternative to Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure.

With Google’s Cloud Platform, Google has the ability to build a platform that allows its developers to build apps and services that are built for the cloud.

This is a huge deal for Amazon, because it will allow it to build an entirely new platform that is entirely separate from Google’s existing cloud computing stack.

While this deal isn’t as big a deal for Google as Amazon is going after Apple, it is still a major deal for both companies.

As we’ve written before, Google’s announcement of the acquisition of Video is a major coup for Google, which will be forced to use AWS to build its own video platform.

It will also force Amazon to change its strategy in the video space.

Google has already started building out its own cloud video platform, but it will be the only company that can build and run the entire platform.

That will be an incredible advantage for Amazon and it could make the platform even more valuable.

Google and Amazon already have a relationship.

The deal has been a long time coming.

When Google announced the acquisition, it wasn’t immediately clear when the acquisition would take place, though it has been rumored for a while that it would happen in the next year.

Google announced that it was interested in acquiring the company in 2014, but didn’t specify a time frame for when it was expected to make the acquisition official.

It later stated that it is looking to acquire Video in 2019.

The acquisition is a significant one for Google and for both Google and its cloud competitors.

It means that Google will be providing its own servers to Amazon, giving Amazon the ability, for the first time, to build software that it doesn’t already have on its own.

It also means that Amazon will be building its own platform that it can sell to Google and other cloud providers. 

Google is building a competitor to Amazon in the cloud market.

In an interview with Reuters, Jeff Bezos said that Amazon is now the leader in cloud computing.

“We’re not the leader anymore,” Bezos said.

“Amazon is now a dominant player.”

Amazon’s Video service has been available for just a few months, and the company has been struggling with subscriber growth.

The service was supposed to be coming to a close last summer, but Amazon has been working on a video platform that will be launched in 2019, though this has been pushed back to 2022.

Amazon’s video service has not received the same level of success that Google’s video has.

It seems like Google and AWS have been working together to build Video for quite some time.

Amazon has built its own streaming video platform with a large community of users that it has dubbed Vevo.

Amazon, however, doesn’t have the same kind of dedicated community that Google does.

And because it doesn to build on Google’s platform, Amazon has a lot of competitors competing against Amazon in that space.

This deal with Google will make it even more difficult for Amazon to gain a foothold in the streaming video space, and it also means it will likely struggle to compete with other services like Netflix.

It’s unlikely that Google and Bezos will be willing to allow a competitor like Netflix to become a dominant force in the online video space anytime soon.

So while this deal is a big deal for the Google and the Amazon partnership, it’s not a deal that will make Amazon and Google any friends.

Amazon will still have a big advantage, however.