RoVio: The TV Everywhere app that gives you TV Everywhere in your living room

The TV-obsessed are in for a treat as RoVios TV Everywhere is now live in the UK.

The app was first introduced to the UK market in March and has since been downloaded over 500,000 times in just over a month.

RoViO is designed to connect TV channels with their correct local content.

That means if you live in Wales, for example, you can watch the BBC’s iPlayer without needing to go to a TV shop.

There’s also support for local content for shows like Game of Thrones, which is available on Sky and Netflix.

You can also add your own content like sports to your RoVias feeds and have it available wherever you go.

It’s a nice step forward for a platform that’s been around since 2009.

It has also been getting some support for other markets, including France, Germany, the US, and Brazil.

For more information on the new app, check out the RoVIO site.