How to make a Google TV package for African audiences

Google TV is an ambitious platform that will be used for local content distribution in Africa and other developing countries.

The platform’s launch has been delayed due to a lack of content.

But, as we reported earlier this year, Google has announced a Google Chromecast bundle that includes a variety of high-end TV sets that support Google TV, as well as a range of smart TVs with support for Google Chromecasts.

In the coming months, Google will also be launching a new TV platform that is more flexible in that it allows you to purchase multiple content packages that can be purchased in the same order.

While there’s no specific date for when that platform will launch, we’re told that it will be launched in 2017.

This news comes from a new report from The Next Wires.

The report notes that the service is expected to launch “in late 2017.”

That would put the Google TV platform in a good position to compete with the offerings of other premium TV providers.

We can’t say that we expect Google TV to compete against other premium service providers anytime soon, but it is the first major foray into the field by a major media company.

We do think that Google’s TV platform will eventually be a viable option for African consumers.

Google has been working on a TV package that will allow for more flexible TV delivery.

The Google TV ecosystem is expected in the next few years to expand, allowing users to choose from a wide variety of content, including TV channels, movie theaters, and more.