‘Proud to be a spy’ for Foxtel

Foxtal’s Foxtellent is proud to be the exclusive source of the ‘Pulsar’ motion picture series.

The first episode of the film series, ‘Pulse’, is scheduled to premiere in the coming months.

The film follows a young girl named Lizzie (Kelley L Cox) and her older sister, Lizz (Laura Cox).

They live in the shadow of a deadly asteroid that wiped out almost all the world’s wildlife and wiped out 90% of humanity.

When they witness the death of their father, the man responsible, they realise they’re a part of the story.

They have no idea they are a part in it.

Foxtel’s ‘Punctuation’ series, which includes the new ‘Purgatory’, is the second film series to be shot at Foxtels studios in Melbourne.

The ‘Pulta’ series follows the lives of the family, which is led by their great-grandmother, Pulta (Kate McEvoy).

A film by acclaimed director Robert Webb, ‘The Pultas’ follow the lives and careers of the Pultacas family.

It is set to debut in 2019.