When Fox gets the go-ahead, we’ll be in for a big show

A new report by Fox News has some major news.

Fox News announced Tuesday that it is set to air the final episode of The X Factor, which is to be a one-hour special, in February.

The network is reportedly working on a “new live-action show” to be called The X-Factor.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly said the network had been in talks with the production company that created the show.

He said the X-factor was “an incredible piece of work.”

Reilly also said that the X Factor will be airing in its entirety on Fox News Channel beginning in February 2019.

Fox and the production of the X factor were not immediately available for comment.

The XF had a short-lived TV series starring Bill Hader and Bill Nye, which ran from 1998 to 2005.

The X-Facts is a series of short films produced by Fox that feature celebrities and the cast of other Fox programs, like the Bill Nyaalot and the Bill Burr comedy specials.