Aftermath Entertainment Center in Atlanta is to close after four years

Atlanta — Aftermath entertainment center in Atlanta was the subject of a $250 million deal announced on Tuesday.

The $250,000 project will be the biggest entertainment center project in Atlanta history.

The Atlanta Falcons have announced that after more than three decades, the Atlanta Aftermath is shutting its doors.

The Atlanta Aftermey is a four-story building on Georgia Avenue in the heart of downtown Atlanta, with a new, four-level outdoor plaza, a full-service restaurant and an underground parking garage.

The facility was designed by architect Howard Jones in 2003.

The site was once home to a high-end shopping mall.

The complex opened in 2002 and was the focus of several high-profile high-tech and technology ventures, including a new indoor arena and the first video-game center in the U.S.

Atlanta residents will now have access to a new shopping and entertainment center called Aftermath Center.

The after-hours entertainment will now be available through Atlanta Video, a live entertainment platform owned by the Falcons, which offers games, live entertainment and events.

Atlanta Video and Atlanta AfterMey Entertainment Center are part of a larger Atlanta Entertainment complex that includes a new high-speed rail line, a new Atlanta Airport, and a new stadium.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said that after the Falcons announced their plans to build a new entertainment complex, he contacted Atlanta After Mey to inquire about their plans.

I asked them if they had an offer for the site, he said.

And they said, ‘No, we are looking at other sites.

We’re looking at lots of different sites.’

I said, is there a place that would be an appropriate place to develop that space?

And they told me, ‘There’s nothing that’s going to happen, and the city of Atlanta has done an excellent job of keeping that site in the hands of the community, which is why we’re here today.’

“Atlanta is currently the home to more than 2,400 entertainment venues.