‘Parks and Recreation’ to return for a third season on NBC after a hiatus

PARKS AND RECREATION, NBC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS and “MASH” are all returning for a fourth season, the network announced Tuesday. 

The show, which was picked up by NBC in January after a five-year hiatus, is scheduled to return in 2019. 

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, “Parks” creator and executive producer Andy Richter said he is confident his show can return for its fifth season, despite a busy calendar for his staff. 

“We’re going to be really good,” he said. 

We’ve got a lot of new writers, and we’re getting really good talent coming in.

“The news comes after NBC announced it was canceling its “Mash” comedy series. 

Richter said that the show’s final episode would air during the new season, which will be its last. 

NBC will air a second season of “PARKS” at 8 p.m.

EST on Thursdays and Friday nights, and its final episode of “MACK” at 7 p.p.m., on March 28, 2019. 

 NBC has already renewed “Mack,” which has a total of 13 episodes, for another season. 

It has also renewed “PACK,” which had a total season of 10 episodes, and is scheduled for a second and third season.

The “Packs” series, which is currently scheduled to end in December 2019, is the only current sitcom on the network. 

With its recent move to a Monday night time slot, NBC has seen a decrease in ratings for “PARDON THE INTERRUPTION,” which is scheduled with the network’s other current sitcom, “NYPD Blue.” 

The cancellation of “NYPACK” also comes after “Pardons” season 2 ended with the show receiving a 2.7 rating in adults 18-49, and a 2-1 in adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research. 

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